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Winter Pool Safety Covers

Indy Pool Pros winter covers protect your pool from harsh weather conditions, unwanted debris, and sunlight exposure while keeping is safe and close for the winter season.

Simple and custom-built for your pool, winter covers protect your family and your pool investment.

Winter Cover Benefits

Prevent Accidents

Maximize safety with the winter pool cover’s unbreakable lock and patented child safety intrusion barriers.

Reduced Debris

Prevent unwanted leaves and debris in your pool all winter long.
Winter covers minimize debris accumulation, reducing cleaning when reopening your pool.

Durable and Reliable

Backed by an extended 15-year warranty, LoopLoc winter covers outlast traditional options, providing a longer lifespan and peace of mind.

Easy Drainage

Our LoopLoc winter covers prevent excess water accumulation on your pool cover by draining away rainwater and melted snow easily.

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